And give my love to the Swallows by Jaromil Jires

Selection from the Survival Series: Use What is Dominant…” by Jenny Holzer


Ontario, Erie, Superior, Michigan: ceramics salt cellar and pepperpot, Memphis, 1982

View from my hotel room by Julian Opie


Shiro Kuramata, Nara Table, 1983

Gap by Brigitte Kowanz

Cool glove I found in my basement


Maison Martin Margiela, 1997
The first solo exhibition by Maison Martin Margiela. The exhibition is held in the “glass pavillon” of the museum, built in the 1980’s, that adjoins a rose garden and a large decorative pond. Eighteen dressed dummies represent all previous Martin Margiela Collections (Spring/Summer 1989 up to Autumn/Winter 1997/98). Garments chosen from each season are specially reproduced in whites, creams and greys. A collaboration with a prominent Dutch Microbiologist Dr. A.W.S.M van Egeraat, Professor at the Wareningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands. Each outfit is treated with different strains of bacteria, yeast and mould, all isolated from the air and nurtured to provide varying colours and textures. Over the first five days of the exhibition these organisms develop on the clothes and, once their gestation period is complete, change the colour and aspect of the garments. All eighteen silhouettes remain on the exterior of the pavilion and may only be viewed from the inside through its glass structure.

Michael Dumontier, 2013 Sock powder-coated cast iron 21.5cm x 18cm x 2cm edition of 6